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The GLEM school - Overview (Pr. Magin)
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The Glem has now opened its new school of auriculotherapy and auriculomedicine. It is adapted to the requirements of the 21st century. It innovates and inaugurates in the new design of Glem.

After the disappearance of Paul Nogier, his pupils or rather its disciples perennialized their meetings in this coterie where it joined together them.

Magnin.jpgThe Glem is still alive thanks to their fidelity and upon their engagement to continue their effort of efficiency, their step of researchers, and their thirst for information and communication. Thanks to them, the auriculotherapy and the auriculomedicine exist are quality in the range of the therapies. They register there the originality of their designs, the undeniable effectiveness of their techniques and the rigor of their methods.

The disciples of Paul Nogier made known them throughout the world to make some profit all the men. In this 21st incipient century, Glem opens the third time of its mission. It invites the young doctors and therapeutists to form them and make profit the generations to come from the improvement from its methods, of the enrichment of its knowledge and sound “knowledge-good to look after” the patient for good to cure it its disease.

It is that indeed the auriculomédecine brings to modern medical science the revival of the direction of the unit of the man in his pathological diversities; it delivers it tragic enfermements and with the singular conference the joy of human dignity makes him redécouvrir.

It is expressed in the spirit of Galien which wrote 170 years before our era:

“Hippocrates showed the way to us, all the remainder is with us to do it”

Professor Pierre Magnin

Honorary vice-chancellor Chancellor
Honorary senior of the Medical college of Besancon
Member of honor of the GLEM

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